… after closing Norman was willing to step up and help us out…

Norman was a fantastic realtor. From renting me a property to live in while house-hunting, to working with my odd schedule, to helping in resolving issues both before and after closing, Norman was a good man to have on my side. The purchase had many hiccups due to issues with the seller that Norman helped smooth over and tried his best to keep the seller honest and to the schedule. Ultimately we were unable to get the price brought down but between evidence he presented and our own research the price was fair. Doesn’t hurt to try, though.

Even after closing Norman was willing to step up and help us out with several issues that were discovered after we moved in such as getting our gas turned back on when it was shut off unexpectedly after moving in, relaying messages to the Realty company regarding unpaid bills from before we moved in, to taking the seller and his contractors to task for shoddy workmanship involving the basement toilet and a few events that are best left unsubscribed.

Norman might not get back to you right away as he is busy being a hero to many prospective home buyers but once he gets your message it gets moved high up on his to-do list. He is a big believer in following through on the purchases his clients make, connecting them to the community that they join, and feeling less stressed about the hectic activities involved with home buying.